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Hi friends...welcome to our address list...first thing to tell you, if you didn't already know, is that Deva and I are as usual, on the road! Meaning, that we are continually on the move...from town to town, country to country, and from continent to continent...I say this to prepare you for lack of up-dated information! Of course, we love to communicate...and we love to hear from you...but sometimes our life style doesn't always allow it...so, please be patient if you don't hear from us for a while!


Sitting in our apartment in Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas...no email access, and the phone lines are down...this is usual. Outside, the ocean is sleeping, a huge glistening presence...so still and so beautiful.

The sky is overcast. There was a storm a short while ago, which has left the air bright and clean. We were on the beach when it hit...we watched the lightning out at sea while we swam in the transparent turquoise waters and sunbathed on the white sandy beach...aah...a real tropical island. How did I get so lucky? Well, I guess it's out of my hands. Deva and I have learnt to roll with it...and I have to tell you, it gets easier day by day...

We are here in the Bahamas to help facilitate two beautiful groups run by our friends Sandesh and Daya who, five years ago, formed the dolphin wilderness experience known as Wildquest. These guys are doing such good work and have provided hundreds of people with the opportunity to swim with dolphins out here in their natural habitat off the coast of Bimini. Every day for the past week, we've been out on the ocean with a bunch of enchanted participants, hanging out together, sharing our stories, breathing the air, singing and chanting...and just simply enjoying the silence between the words. ...and...yes, (it really happens!)... swimming with the dolphins. it is a very special gathering...you become very intimate out here, even if you don't expect to. The dolphins, the ocean...the open sky...the warm sun...the singing and chanting...we are blessed with the perfect situation. It has been a truly magical time for all of us. For more info on Wildquest

As for Deva and myself, we already fixed our dates for next year with Wildquest. So, please put it in your diaries...it's a vacation that'll change your life! July 21-27 and July 28-Aug 3.

Before flying out here, we were up in Scandinavia where we had some beautiful concerts in Sweden and Norway. The peak for us was playing at the great 'no-mind festival' just south of Stockholm. The most beautiful location imaginable...miles of un-spoilt forest, under a sky that gets dark for no more than an hour each night. and such an amazing gathering of souls...800 of us shared the music, song, theatre and dance, and satsang...and each other. Among those participating were Margot Anand...(imagine a Tantric event for 300 people?!..it happened!)... Rahasya and Nura, Anamika, Turiya, Peggy Dylan (fire walking facilitator), Vasant, Vartman and Susanna, our old friend Arjuna, and Byron Katie...the highlight for me was to be able to share Osho's voice with the 300 people who attended our satsang...it was so clear to all of us that day that enlightenment has nothing to do with the physical plane and is truly the birthright of each and every one of us. There was such a celebration of light...love, life and laughter, as Osho says.

Oh yeah...and I want to mention the great food that was prepared by vegetarian caterers, Cous Cous. How do you feed 800 people for a week and make every meal seem like it has been prepared especially for the individual?...I have no idea (English!)...but ask these guys...because this is what they did!

Ok...so much for the past...looking ahead, the future doesn't look so grey either...in August we take our biggest group so far to Corfu, Greece...42 people will be there to celebrate and meditate with us.

On the way down we pass through Italy for some concerts and workshops in the Osho meditation center, Sommacampagna (near Verona), and Osho Miasto, in Toscana. In September we fly to New York for the Omega Yoga Conference at the Sheraton hotel in Manhattan, followed by a two week tour of the east coast, where we look forward to giving our first concert at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck. Check our schedule page for other dates. In October I booked some studio time in London with Ravi, hoping to add a little Celtic flavor to some of the songs...and in November we will be in Byron Bay, Australia where we plan to record a live album of old and new satsang material with our friend Kamal.

Ok...enough of time...here in the present, life is unfolding in its own mysterious and magical way. I sit here overwhelmed by the simplicity of it all...taking one step at a time...breathing...listening to the music in my room, enjoying the warm air on my body...remaining available to new songs as they continue to bubble up out of nowhere...and feeling so grateful to be able to hang out with my son Sam, who is here with his girl friend Tamsin. It's two years since we've seen each other, so we've had some catching up to do...and out here on the ocean is the perfect place to do it. Even if we're not the greatest swimmers we both learned snorkeling...and a deeper trust in the water, thanks to Daya and Sandesh.

It's true, I so much enjoy looking forward and looking back. Why not?...it's an awesome canvas and a beautiful dream.

So, this is all for now...I hope to see you down the road...please come and say hello at the concerts...come and sing your song in the workshops...come and share yourself...we'll be there! As the old Pune 1 song says...(Anubhava?)...don't let a chance like this go by.

Life is so short...why wait?

With love to you, beloved friends.

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