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2000-December-Year Review

Hi everyone.

Last week we completed an amazing year on the road... and it was so perfect to find ourselves in Munich for our last concert of the year, with so many dear friends...almost 300 of us bathed together in a warm and nourishing 'satsang'...and as we sang and meditated together, there was no doubt in my heart that Osho was truly among us!

dpm_on_the_roadA perfect sequel to our year...I will remember this concert as one of the high-lights, when everything just expands into light and laughter and we all melt together in the vast Nothingness... Ah, this! Others I remember with the same feeling... like Asheville, North Carolina with our friends Isa and Malika...the evening in Sedona with the Osho Academy... Zurich...the Open Secret book store in San Rafael...the Ascended Masters satsang in Germany... the morning satsangs in Greece.. Thank you all, from the depths of my heart for sharing these magical moments with us.

Our year began in Cologne at the Osho Uta Institute, with satsang and a roof party to celebrate the new millennium...and great dance music from Maneesh and Praful. Since then we haven't covered the whole planet...but we gone a long way in trying.

Some people ask us if we enjoy it, all this moving around...I have to wonder sometimes if they're kidding me?! So just to put the record straight: I want to tell you all that I really can't imagine a more nourishing way to spend my life...And to have a girlfriend who feels the same way, well...this is too much...this was my doorway into gratitude...!

And you know, I get to hear Deva sing in concert all the time... how awesome is that...? OK...please don't worry about me any more!  Deva and I both love this life we've been blessed with...totally. We sometimes look at each other and wonder if it's really happening...and laugh when we realize it is...It is a gift we've been given...and all we can do is to give it back in gratitude, in music, and in love.

Anyway, I've done all that other stuff...had a cozy little cottage in the country...had an apartment in London...lived in various communes... Amsterdam, England, Toscana...worked for two years in the ashram in Pune. So I've had my share of a stationary life and I know how it feels to put roots down...but right now, traveling is happening...what can I do? It simply is as it is...perfect. And ask Deva if she enjoys to travel and she'll reply in her beautiful way...I wouldn't do it if I didn't!  A Zen master?  I think so.

In November, just because we couldn't think of anything better to do, we flew to Australia! We have friends here...the Path of Love [therapy group] is happening and Deva wanted to be involved. So we rented a house up in the rain forest and these days I am enjoying the solitude and the sound of the river which runs by my door. We're up in the hills behind Byron Bay, a small surfer town near the Gold Coast...

I've just fallen in love with this place...maybe it's all those hippies in town, taking me back...maybe it's the easy manner of the people I meet...seems like I'm everybody's mate down here. I like that...or maybe it's the lush, green abundant forest that is a feast for the eyes and a balm for the heart...Yes, it's all this and more. And I have to say, it's been a long time since I caught myself thinking: I could live here!

...interesting thought. Anyway, right now I can dream...next year's tour schedule is as full as the last one...so who needs a house, anyway.

Some highlights coming up: The Wildquest dolphin experience in July in the Bahamas (21-28 July, 28 July-3 Aug), for details contact Wildquest.com.

Our annual holiday gathering of song, silence, devotion and laughter in Corfu, Greece, again, with Rafia (Aug 23-31)...

A half-hour tv show, where we get to share something of our music and our life together... It's on the Wisdom Channel, a great new channel out of America which focuses on mind, body and spirit. We are to be the guests of Georgia Shakti-Hill, who hosts a popular show called 'Living in Balance' and is known in Miami as the Oprah Winfrey of Florida!!

Then in September we have our first tour of Japan...I hate fish...I hate seaweed... haven't eaten meat for 25 years...(Deva, never...not even fish!)...so, why are we going to Japan?...well, just because it also feels good. Anyway, we are reassured by Jagruti, our Japanese tour organizer that vegetarians don't starve to death in Japan, they just lose weight. Very good.

Before then, we visit Kit Walker in January, to record the new album. Now, this one is a challenge: How to integrate the mantras and the [original] songs into one whole, flowing, organic album? This is not a problem to be solved, but an album to be lived...and Kit, Deva and I, we are all excited by the prospect of the challenge. If we succeed, we will have a new album with a unique and harmonious expression of our two musical styles which will reflect our concerts and satsangs. We have some beautiful new material...those of you who have been with us lately will know some of the songs...One Step at a Time...Empty Heart ...All is Welcome Here...New Man.

As for the mantras...we have some new compositions from our genius sax playing brother, Praful, who composed Om Shree Saché on Love is Space. They are so exquisite, these new mantras, I really can't wait to record them. Praful is such a cool musician, not only is he a fine composer, but also, a great sax and bamboo flute player. (Plug: Look out for his new album to be released soon, in Holland...it'll be on Sony or BMG...I'm not exactly sure which...more info after I speak to him!). We have also invited Ty Burhoe to join us... Ty is a fine tabla player and percussionist who will bring that great tabla groove into the album. As for the release date, we're hoping for March 2001. We'll keep you posted on that.

So, friends...That's the news and gossip for now, from Australia. Now it's time for my exercises...(Divine Healing, courtesy of Prashantam), a walk, and a dance in the rain...(it hasn't stopped since we arrived!), and a lunch of avocado salad and vegi burgers...(I'm easy to please...I just don't like seaweed.)

Deva and I send love to all of you. And thank you once again for our sacred times together. You are constantly in our hearts.


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