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2008-January-Tantra Mantra-Mexico-p6

“...I have wanted to send you a note since our time in Mexico came to an end - but have been at a loss for words - How to express the incredible awe I feel for the two of you - you both show up as the beings of light that you are, you both give so much and so freely from your hearts - You are an inspiration to us all...”


“...I remain extremely enthusiastic from my experiences in Mexico, still digesting it All!! Truly one of the greatest moment/s of my life. So thank you and to Deva-Miten-others for opening the various blockages that I had unknowingly established.

They were so well hidden that only by just allowing and giving myself permission during tantras, mantras and meditations, listening and singing along to the mantras, your invaluable insight into the feminine and the male did these energies rekindle. I have an entirely different perspective of men and women and myself.... how does one ever lose it to start with...is truly a mystery....socialization...??”


“...WOW - what a trip...!”


here’s deva with environmental activist julia butterfly, who happened to be in maya tulum at the same time.
julia is a phenomenon – google her for info on her courageous work


well, like we said, people came from everywhere to be in the group,
here’s simon from germany in his traditional dress code – he’s known as a journeyman (wandergeselle) in his native country, his tradition stipulates he takes a vow to travel for 3 years and one day, offering his services wherever he goes, as a carpenter.
he turned a few heads in mexico, but he’s used to it by now!


that’s it folks!
see you in 2008


with love
rafia, deva and miten

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