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2008-January-Tantra Mantra-Mexico-p5

“...Thank you so much for our experience of Tantra Mantra. It was truly a
spiritual awaking for us through your LOVE-MUSIC-DANCE AND OWN TRUE

We will cherish these memories deep in our hearts forever and we are
looking forward to the next level of Tantra Mantra with you all...!”


“...We continue to be inspired by our experience with you and by your music. It is not an exaggeration to say that we listen to your music several times a week to dance, move and meditate. We can’t speak highly enough of what you brought to the experience...”


“...We are at home and still totally blissed out. Thank you so
much for our wonderful time with you in Mexico we feel so blessed to
have had that special time with you and all the amazing souls we met
there too.

We have so many wonderful pictures and memories and I am sure we have
every single CD both of you have ever made!! Since we have been home we
have been listening to them even more and find even more joy in the
singing and listening. We wanted you to know that the ripples are still
spreading out there in the world even after the event...!”



our friend duncan grady brought a beautiful and unexpected energy to the gathering.
duncans people are the siksika/sauk blackfeet and he and his wife rosalyn shared various rituals from their tribe.
here you see duncan offering a prayer for the temple gathering in his native tongue


and here he is conducting a wedding ceremony which spontaneously took place during the group



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