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2008-January-Tantra Mantra-Mexico-p4

here’s rafia sharing the daily meditation...note the intent listeners!


one of the many highlights of our time together was the morning satsang beneath this amazing mayan temple...built way back in antiquity, the temple carried us into a space of deep reverence


we chanted together, invoking and honouring the spirits of the mayan people who had gone before us...


“...Sometimes it is difficult to know just what to say in a situation where you feel deeply indebted to others for a wonderful gift... I hope that our simple words can convey the gratitude we feel from your teachings. I thank God for sending Osho to our world to help awaken us to a universe of spiritually and joy, and I thank you both for making the commitment to reach out and spread those teachings to us...”

... as gonzalo prepares the copal incense on the temple altar...


...rafia ascends the steps to be the first sacrificial offering...(only joking margriet!)


...above us, the sun king shone down...


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