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2008-January-Tantra Mantra-Mexico-p1

tantra mantra – mexico!


our tantra mantra gathering in mexico lived up to whatever hopes and expectations we may have had for it.
72 people – 36 loving couples, from 12 countries (including estonia, norway, argentina, usa, germany, england, canada, colombia, spain, mexico etc...) gathered to celebrate, give thanks, and explore life together, alone, and with each other, in the warm mexican sun.
we had the perfect spot – the maya tulum resort, a 2 hour drive south of cancun.
to wake every morning to the sound of waves, and to swim in the warm ocean before breakfast was just one of the many delights that graced of our time there.

our beach



deva, rafia, manose and i arrived early enough to enjoy the surrounding nature, courtesy of an amazing tour with our new-found friends, gonzalo and ingrid.


these guys know the history of the place very well...
they showed us sacred, ancient mayan temples and led us down idyllic waterways, which were so clean and quiet, it was almost unbelievable.


once out in the waterways, the trick is, to put these life jackets under your butt, which in itself was more than hilarious, and...
..float down stream


...mind turned off – relaxed - and floating down stream..



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