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2008-January-Mexico to Maui-p1

trying to catch my breath from mexico to maui via los angeles and from maui to the big island.
in between we played some of the most ecstatic concerts of the whole tour.
we were complaining that our tour schedule only gave us 2 days in maui (does anyone ever visit maui for 2 days) but we were swept off our feet by the love we received during the concert, and before we knew it, we were flying off to the big island of hawai’i.

and what a delight to finish a world tour that began back in january in australia on the magical islands of hawai’i.
8 months solid on the road – and definitely no complaints from our side.
these three concerts were a fitting finale to an amazing year.

our first visit to mexico was auspicious in that we invited 70 people to join us – we shared in a tantra-mantra extravaganza.
here’s a pic of the group on one of the beautiful mayan temples that populate the area.
soon these temples will be fenced in and controlled, but right now, as you can see, they are available for all to experience first hand.
we actually created a one hour meditation at the foot of this amazing structure, where we played and sang, and meditated together.
truly magical – very strong energy.
we have some pics from that meditation that I’ll share later.


right now, because I have some photo’s ready, I’d like to share the maui concert with you.
it was definitely a gathering of the clans...the place was packed to the roof!


even ram dass come out...


..which was a huge honour for us.

one of the highlights for deva, manose and myself was to have the great carioca join us on stage


and the beautiful, inspiring rickie byars beckwith!



rickie joined us for ‘so much magnificence’ and a stonkin’ version of ‘you gotta move’..!


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