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2008-March-Byron Bay-p1

the byron bay concerts just about wrapped up our australian tour for this year.
soon we will be welcoming participants for our 4-day ecstatic chant retreat, then it’s off to fiji to meet tony and sage robbins, who have opened a temple there, dedicated to the oneness blessing, which as many of you know, is spreading, like wild fire though the community.
we will play a concert for the temple inauguration in fiji, and later in india at the golden city, where an expected one million people (!) will gather during the five day festival.

what with eckhart tolle hooking up with oprah for podcasts of up to two million people, it looks like humanity is finally ‘awakening’.
...which is a cue for a song, as we just heard that eckhart has chosen the ‘awakening’ song (from soul in wonder) to augment his latest work.

how to say where this wave originally began to rise?
for me personally, it was osho who guided me to a higher calling...but then again, so did the beatles in their way - and their teachers were the articulate rockers of america, like chuck berry and buddy holly.
and then there was dylan, whose roots you could trace back to the beats of the 50’s – allen ginsberg, jack kerouac et al – exploring the mysteries of zen and the mantric chanting of the vedas.
...not to mention the age-old folk truths that were woven into the songs of england, ireland and scotland.

all we know, is that IT is happening, (as it always was)...and that it’s a visible wave now, which more and more of us surf.

meanwhile back at the byron concert...some pix taken by our sweetheart, melinda andreas.

khalid –aka baba –aka  h.h. the viceroy of jambhangisthan, ex-tree dweller, ex vipassana junkie, ex-raw food devotee, present time osho lover and oneness giver, etc. etc... seen here doing his puja before the concert


baba and his business partner swamiji mohan (maharaja of jambhangisthan)...

say hello to the camera, swamiji!


... supplied all the beautiful statues and temple decoration for the concert from their vaults at shikara design in brisbane


it just so happens baba is also a great blues harmonica player...he joined us on stage for ‘you gotta move’ -
as you can see, manose and deva really appreciate a hot blues solo when they hear one!


the boys rock out...


...meeting mataji’s approval...(we hope!!)


great pic of manose singing...


a high moment during the concert...i love to see the little ones curled up asleep while us ‘grown-ups’ sing our way to god


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