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sufi dance meditation


sufi dance energy


“... Thank you so much for the concert in Sydney.  I was there from France with my wife and daughter and we have always loved the music of these and now more because of being live.  The music is just like the cd and they are just like normal and beautiful.  We all commented on how open we felt and how they treat the audience with love and respect.  Not just the music is beautiful they are beautiful with respect...”


“...Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. They sang most of my favourite chants and I feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to hear them live and to speak with them at the end of the event and get autographs.  They are so warm, funny and generous, most of all their music is inspiring and is on all day in my studio.  I paint to Gayatri.  The workshop was like they were in my lounge room - they are so funny as well... And make you feel like they are my best friend. How magic."


“...A very quick note saying how much we all enjoyed the performance on Friday night.  The venue was lovely, the music beautiful and everyone was so happy and supportive.  We all particularly loved the singing together and the sense of community it created, how wonderful to have such a free flowing feeling at such a large event and to feel connected to everyone there because of music and love.  It is so beautiful and sweet to have Deva Premal and Miten come to Australia, and Manose too. We bought both the new CD’s and love them...”


“...Such a rich experience to have this wonderful music here in our own city.  My body has not stopped tingling and I have not stopped playing their music, in the car, in the house and at work.  My kids always ask me why... I encourage them to listen with their whole body and feel the difference.. When they do that, I can see the changes in their behaviour.  How fantastic, I know exactly what to put on when I want some moments of quiet... I do anyway.  Thank you and please thank Deva and Miten...”

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