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we took our first big dose of sun when we arrived in perth – up until then it had been rain, rain and a bit more rain..
so just to make you guys in the wintery northern hemispheres feel better – we have seen hardly any sun down here!
fremantle was the exception – here the sun blessed us every day – the only sad thing about it was, the ozone hole.
strange how the sun our life giver has become almost something to be feared down under.
how sad is that...

everyone comes down to the beach at 6 pm...it’s the best time...still hot, but without the strong rays.


i reunited with my old friend kim cheshire in sydney.
kim is a great singer/songwriter and well known figure in the australian country music scene.
we knew each other back in the day when we were hanging around the rock scene in london in the 70’s - playing music together.
later i disappeared to india and kim to australia.
it was so great to have him singing with us at the workshop


“...The event with Deva Premal and Miten on Friday night was the best yet.  I
have been to all their performances in Melbourne and also two in Byron Bay.
This one was the most community spirited.  I loved the singing together and
how they bought he audience together creating waves of love was so special.
I took a client of mine who has a wasting disease and she has never had
these types of experiences, it opened her eyes and heart to what is possible
when people come from love and generosity of spirit.  These two wonderful
souls are the epitome of love, and they were so generous with their time at
the end.  Thank you for doing the work you do...”

some pix from the workshops.
we began every event with swami prashantams divine healing exercises...opening the breath...



opening the voice...


these intimate gatherings are so precious and nourishing to us


“...I was at the workshop in Melbourne with Deva and Miten.  Thank you
for organizing  such a wonderful day.  It was an enriching, delightful
experience and I look forward to attending again next year!..”

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