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the concert in brisbane was at the city hall


kamal began to add to the musical landscape.
he’s too good a musician to have just at the mixing desk, so we had him incorporate some keyboard phrases, playing from the back of the hall – mixing and playing at the same time.
here we are rehearsing in the kitchen


manose also stretched his boundaries – here he is during his debut as a singer (he joins deva for twameva)– the beautiful harp, made by nisargam in western australia helped him pitch his voice correctly, as he was a bit nervous.
no need - he sounded great, as you would expect.


“...I would like to comment on the Deva and Miten concert in Sydneyt.  This is the first time I have ever been to a concert like this and I am still glowing with such joy.  My whole body has been opened and awakened and I love the music and also the interaction with the audience.  At first I was surprised at the audience participation, and soon became engrossed and joining in the sound.  This created the most beautiful experience for me.  Thank you for all the work you do...”

the colonial style interior of fremantle town hall


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