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australia’s natural beauty is hard to miss –we spent hours watching these birds in chris hoopers garden ...
deva captured this moment where one cockatoo too many is an obvious unwelcome visitor to the already overcrowded restaurant


even the pidgeon’s are clean...


another species of songbird...seen here in her natural habitat


“...I was very excited to be able to attend the workshop on Sunday,
a truly magnificent day of song and laughter.  What a beautiful way to spend
a Sunday afternoon.  Please advise when they are coming back and I am very
interested in doing the event in Byron.  Together they are so inspirational
and share so much joy and love and laughter.  It opened my heart (and eyes
to what is possible in love) to another dimension...”

manose speaking to god in fremantle


“...Just have to say what a breathtaking night last Friday was. Such joy, love and sublime energy not only from 3 brilliant performers but a fantastic audience. We can not believe how fortunate we are to be able to embrace the dulcet tones of Deva, the open heart and humour of Miten and the mesmerising soulful Manose. The three compliment each other so well.
Please pass on to them our deepest gratitude and wish them great love and light in their journeys...”

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