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so the australian tour ended in byron bay last night.
we had a blast – thank you all so much!
here are some pix from the tour, along with a few messages received on the way...

“...The concert on Friday night was without doubt the best night I
have had in my life.  I arrived teary and vulnerable and as soon as I walked
into the space it felt like a temple.  To hear Deva and Miten performing
live was a dream come true.  I have only discovered them in the past couple
of months and can not get enough of them.  It was heartening for me to hear
their music then open the living now and see they were coming, all in the
same week.  Please pass my sense of awakening joy onto them.  I am a
committed fan.  I have never felt so much inner silence at an event with so
many people...”

in melbourne we visited the william ricketts sanctuary on the recommendation of our friend baba khalid.
william ricketts died in 1993 aged 93.
judging from the video interview we saw, he became enlightened through his time spent with the indigenous people, whose images he depicted as part of tree trunks, emerging from rocks...living entities... and his love for them is obvious.
the statues of the original people of australia inhabit the trees and undergrowth, creating what william called, the forest of love







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