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2008-May-Euro Tour continues-Angel Congress Freiburg-p1

hi friends – love from the road.
we have been so touched by your welcome!!
thank you for coming out to the gatherings – they have been so precious!
it’s just great to be back in europe.

right now it’s sunset in zurich.
our hotel looks out over the best vegetarian restaurant in town - just across the road.
deva is doing yoga as i write.
sometimes the hotel rooms are just big enough for a yoga mat – this is one of those rooms.

we just drove from freiburg, which was the location of the annual angel congress.
amazing to play to 1200 angels...!

before the concert we were re-united with rainer scheurenbrand – lately known as anand premdas roshan (blissful servant of love who walks in light) – it was great to get back into playing together before sound check..


jurgen – the angel congress organiser, with another kind of angel, at soundcheck


...and yet another kind of angel arrived with bamboo flutes, no harp..!


some of you know how I love sound checks (!) - but this one turned out to be great.
manose and deva discuss, roshan looks confused, but it all came together beautifully...


...as osho says, "slowly, slowly...”


manose needed a little extra input...


...which seemed to quiet the mind...for a few minutes at least!


..yes, it definitely worked..!!


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