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2008-May-Rainbow Festival-p5

here’s my old ashram music pal milarepa.
he was there with his ‘one sky band’ to share osho’s music and meditations... if you want to experience osho meditations accompanied with live music, i recommend you check www.oneskymusic.com for more info on mila and his work.


osho’s golden thread ran through the whole festival..
here is the humaniversity stand, with veeresh on the banner, and nataraj in the chair...! we actually had the pleasure to meet up with my soccer compatriot (he's an arsenal man!), michael barnett (formerly swami somendra), but he moves way to fast to be photographed.


friends at the osho cologne buddhafield stand enjoying life...


and our sweetheart, ajara, on duty in the shop...


swami sri vast stopped by to say hello with a kind invitation for deva and i to visit his ashram in pondicherry - hopefully we'll be able to accept in the near future, schedule permitting


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