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2008-May-Rainbow Festival-p3

the singing was exquisite...


i wish i could explain in words how much it means to me to be able to share this life with you all.
when i look at this picture my heart fills with gratitude!
thank you my dear brothers and sisters..we will always be singing for you...


to play music for you is the greatest gift...and to be able to share it with my beloved deva at the same time...


and of course, our beloved manose...


...is just amazing!


at our workshop taketina goddess cornelia flatischler joined us on percussion.
here she is next to deva.
we met her and her husband reinhard, in australia a few months ago, and participated in their workshop.
we want to recommend their work to you all...it’s truly amazing and inspirational.
we both plan to go deeper into their work.
it’s satsang through rhythm.


as usual, the workshop was a lot of fun! (hi christine!)


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