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2008-May-Oneness Temple Inauguration-p3

we knew there were going to be big crowds, but this blew all our fuses...there were literally thousands of people all over the road...
like is said, the official figure was 500,000 – myself, i would say that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but what do i know...


...nobody was in a hurry to go anywhere...and everyone was on the phone!


coaches were overflowing with pilgrims...for some, this was the most auspicious day of their life...to receive the oneness blessing from their guruji, in person.


needless to say, chaos was not hard to find – this is an overturned rickshaw...


by the time we arrived at the back stage area we were exhausted!
it was 40 degrees in the shade...
..and then deva’s computer/keyboard set-up overheated and crashed...
that’s guido, our sound engineer giving deeksha to our lap top!
it must have worked, because soon we were on our way...


deva floated through the crisis – as she does...!


while someone else stood in the afternoon sun checking the sound..!


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