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2008-May-Oneness Temple Inauguration-p1

hi friends – well, the oneness temple inauguration in india was something else.
so many people showed up on the first day – 500,000 was the number quoted – that the temple had to be closed and the festival canceled.
deva and i never made it to the temple, we spent most days in the calm of the peaceful ashram nearby.


...hanging out with old friends...




...and walking in the fields...where we met the real and ancient india


we did get to play a concert though, which was pretty amazing!
a full on spiritual woodstock!


below is enzo’s band with nahuel in the foreground.
they were just great – latino reggae-mantra-praisegod-feelgood music
full on celebration in the spirit of the old days with osho, when we danced and sang our joy of life.
i hope these guys make a cd.
we’ll let you know as soon as it comes out.
nahuel is a latino grammy award winner and a devotee of ammabhagavan.
google his band sin banderas


as for us – well, it was beautiful to play for so many blissed-out people.
not that it is so unusual!!
here we all are in full flight during ‘so much magnificence!’


this pic was taken by our good friend khalid.
it just makes me so happy to be back on the road again and playing to you all.
nothing nourishes me more than playing and sharing the spirit of oneness through music with awakened friends.
osho created it for us, and bhagavan gave it a name!

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