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2008-June-Euro Tour continues-Tel Aviv next stop-p1

hi friends we’re in amsterdam airport, just about to board the flight for tel aviv.
very tight security!
manose – as usual – has to go through extra interrogation.
there’s still something about brown skin that seems to ring alarm bells in security people at airports.
manose is pretty cool about it.
in fact, he’s pretty cool about everything -  I’ve never seen him lose it in all these years.
he’s a great travelling companion.

we spent our last night in amsterdam with our friends krishna prem, jwala, srajan and pratito, old time osho devotees, and hilarious company.
praful  – our host and collaborator on dakshina (by the way, talking about dakshina check this! ) and composer of om namo bhagavate, om tare tuttare etc, rustled up some great dahl and we enjoyed a sweet farewell gathering.
we leave amsterdam with much love in our hearts.
the concerts were totally nourishing.
praful joined us – as some of you know, he’s also an amazing sax player along with my old friend ravi from england who blew everyone’s mind with his overtone singing during the concert.

just in case we don’t come back – I’m rushing a few pix from the past week...!
here’s the beautiful church in amsterdam



going through some harmonies in the dressing room with ravi, while sound tec sakha listens in


meanwhile...waves were coming in...


..and in...(all the way from sydney!)


...and in...



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