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2008-July-Euro Tour-Slovenia-p1

slovenia – i don’t think i’d ever said that word before we were invited to play a concert there.
i still have a problem remembering how to pronounce ‘ljubljana’.
but now, those words have become part of the tour vocabulary.
slovenia – country of forests and open space.
open hearted people who smile at you on the street.
as for ljubijana – we found there a magical medieval town, with a big river running through its heart, and tiny piazza’s which have never seen the dreaded automobile.
(not to mention an indian restaurant which served the best thalis we’d had in a long while!).

in the evenings, the mist rolled in, creating a magical atmosphere...


we played in the beautiful hall, home of the slovenia philharmonic orchestra, which nestled beneath the castle


the concert was recorded for tv – there were cameras and lights everywhere during sound check...


backstage jalal demonstrates his juggling skills...hoping to impress the tv director


meanwhile rajen was out looking for a new pair of shoes...you can see he loves a bargain


amazing to see that so many people knew our music and came out to sing with us...the concert was sold out two weeks before we arrived, and the demand for tickets so big that they seated people behind us...
it felt great to be surrounded by voices



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