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2008-July-Euro Tour-Cologne-p2

here’s anama, our dear friend who wrote to us a few years back and told us she needed a guide dog and could we help her.
she had a stroke some years ago that left her paralyzed from the waist down...for a year after the stroke she suffered from a condition called locked-in-syndrome
like tathagat, she doesn’t let her illness interfere with her joy of life – she even told us she’s more happy now than ever before.
she is a bright and shining example of osho’s sangha


we raised money, with the help of concert audiences, for momo – the most beautiful and compassionate companion anyone could wish for...


he plays a big part in taking care of anama


deva was re-united with her old and dear friend esha after many years.
so great to see her again!!
esha’s a party animal (on the surface at least!) and runs the zwei schlingen restaurant/disco/biergarten – the happening place in bielefeld, for any of you living up there


as for manose...well...what can i say...?


rani – wise woman, therapist, sweetheart and dear friend


here’s roshan and his princessa tania


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