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2008-July-Euro Tour-Cologne-p1

..oops..how could i forget cologne.
one of the sweetest stops on the tour.
the cologne concert and workshop is promoted by our sannyasin friends at osho uta
it always feels like we’re arriving at an oasis there when pull in.
if any of you have any interest in osho and his kaleidoscopic world, then go and pay a visit to osho uta.
they not only run his daily meditations there, they also facilitate many therapy groups and individual sessions, plus trainings ranging from  ayurvedic massage to somatic experiencing.
all conducted via a basic transmission of osho and his teachings.
plus they have the best vegetarian restaurant in cologne.

for deva and me, it’s an opportunity to re-connect with old friends – some who live there, and some who are passing through, like us.

here’s krishnananda and amana, well known for their work with relationships.
they have authored a few great books called “face to face with fear”, “stepping out of fear” etc.
we caught up with them after their programme in uta, just as they were leaving for their home in sedona, arizona.



my old musical buddy tathagat lives in cologne.
we were in the ‘ah this!’ band together, back in the day.
tathagat is brasilian and always brings sunshine into every note he sings and plays.
unfortunately, he has recently been diagnosed with something called morbus pick, a radical front brain atrophy.
but this day he was well enough to join us for some time, and it was a blessing to have him with us in the workshop.

here he is with his angel, raji - also a fine singer


...and here he is celebrating with deva in the workshop


like I said, osho uta is a meeting place of friends...maneesh de moor joined us for the concert on keyboards
maneesh produced ‘songs for the inner lover’ with me and played that great piano intro on ‘so much magnificence’.
he also contributed so much of the music on ‘the essence’ - so he’s a special beloved in our musical sangha.


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