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I remember deva and i being interviewed for an israeli newspaper, and being surprised when the woman who was asking the questions suddenly said, “...why all the people around you are so happy...?”
“...everyone is smiling - they must be false smiles.”

she didn’t understand.
if she had looked a little deeper into the eyes of the people, she would have seen that their smiles were hard won.
they are not the shallow smiles of ignorance.
they are the smiles of warriors who have come through some heavy times in their lives, and have come to a place of peace within themselves, where they are able to love life, and enjoy it for no other reason than to be alive.
that smile is a smile of newly found innocence.

take a look at werner (above) and rafia here, and paritosho and jayananda (below)....
see what I mean!?



...and brigitte and deva...


...and jerry – who suddenly became darshano on the last morning of the group


this is a robe osho wore.
we brought it to the group as a tribute to him, along with one of his hats, which was gifted to deva and i while we were in the ashram


manartha and deva’s mother viten, donated some books for the group...


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