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hi friends - we just said goodbye to the 45 participants who joined us here in corfu greece for our first full-on osho experience – the way of the white clouds.
it turned out to be much more than any of us expected – as it always does with osho!

rafia, deva and I kept things pretty simple and open, so we could respond daily – momentarily! - to the flow of the group.
our corner stones were dynamic meditation every morning, kundalini meditation every afternoon at 6;30 pm (we spent our afternoons on the beach), and satsang meditation every morning at 10 am.

for us to be sharing osho so directly, and so personally, was a great experience.
we walked the rajors edge between sharing our memories, responding to questions, and helping people not to regret not being there when he was in the body.
(nobody misses, because the master never dies).

of course, many participants knew us from the concerts, so the ground for a trusting relationship was already pretty much in place by the time we began singing ‘we are awakening’ at the beginning of the first session.

being with osho was amazing, but not always easy, and not always pretty.
however, it was totally transformative, and we wanted to give people an opportunity to experience the depth of that by suggesting we look upon the group more as a meditation retreat than a beach holiday.
so much so, we really became one sangha..one heart.

by the third day we were ready for a one-day meditation camp, and so spent the whole day together, diving into a variety of osho’s meditation techniques.
it definitely brought us closer together – and deeper.
after that day, we sailed on, like white clouds.
I chose these pix for you

satsang is always a highlight, and this year we had some great singers amongst us


...especially this one...



I think if I was asked to sum up life with osho, I would show the following pix



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