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hi friends – i have not forgotten you!!
just been full on lately, with the ‘way of the white clouds’ groups in corfu – our first 24 carat osho group!


before i tell you too much about what’s going on here, let me just give you a glimpse into our time in ostrava.
ostrava is in the czech republic – a mining town – with the surprising reputation of the best world music festival in eastern europe.


we were honoured to be invited.
over 20,000 people attended, coming from all the eastern countries.. poland.. germany... etc...
we joined jan garbarek, trilok gurtu, noa, and sinead o’connor – and many many more, for a week of great music and good people.

here are some pics.
this is trilok gurtu – master percussionist, on stage with jan garbarek band – if you haven’t heard his cd ‘the beat of love’ I can recommend it.
it’s great.


I can also recommend any of garbareks albums (‘rites’ is one of my personal favourites) – he’s an amazing norwegian saxophonist.


here’s deva with one of her all-time favourite singers, noa, from israel.
if you haven’t heard noa sing, check her out on youtube.
she’s truly incredible.


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