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hurricane ike howls, whines and moans around the house here.
even though the centre of the storm is some 200 miles away, we can feel it here on this tiny strip of land called bimini.
bimini is 2 miles long and 200 meters wide...it has one road, 3 cars ... and offshore is where the dolphins like to hang out.

yesterday we boarded a small two propeller plane for the flight from fort lauderdale, florida to bimini.


luckily it’s only a 15 minute flight – already the wind was getting strong..


we arrived safely – here’s us waiting for the water taxi to take us to the wildquest house – deva standing guard over my girlfriend...


..ah..the sun...the ocean...it was great to be back!



..beautiful bimini...


..but as ike came closer mother nature really began to stir...
right now ike is ripping through cuba to the south of here – all we can do is sing for those poor people, and celebrate our good fortune.
it’s too rough to go out on the ocean, but at least we’re here together, and as ike passes, our chances of being with the dolphins increase daily.


more later (hopefully)! - 40 mph winds today!


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