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2008-November-Alto Paraiso-p1

brasil must be one of the most unspoilt countries of all, when it comes to natural beauty.
of course some of the city’s are like everywhere else – and worse, in some ways – but the feeling of space and beauty is never far away.

after the intensity of rio, we landed in brasilia, to be welcomed by pedrinho and his beautiful wife thais.

we never take our welcomes for granted.
when you travel as much as deva, manose and I, there is always a question mark as to how you will be received when you arrive in the airport.
pedrinho and thais could not have been more gracious.
by the time we left brasilia we felt we had made two new friends.

we had a few days spare before the concert in brasilia and we wanted to revisit alto paraiso, an area a few hours drive outside brasilia, which we remembered to be paradise on earth.
any of you who know the song ‘brasil’ on the blown away album, will know something of alto paraiso, because that is where I wrote that song.
the lyrics:

walking down that long red dirt road in front of me
stretching out across this sacred land
walking slow, I’ve got no special place to be
paradise is right here where I stand

I believe this love will last forever
it’s the kind of love that time will never kill
I’m under your spell – brasil

two little kids, laughing, naked in the water fall
it’s my beloved and me, in natures gentle hand
and later by the fire in the heat of the night, in wonder
in each others eyes, we recognise the ‘new man’

and in our hearts this love will last forever
it’s the kind of love that time will never kill
we’re saying a prayer for you – brasil

and I love you!
I love the sparkle in your eyes,
the rhythm of the heart that fills your skies
and I love you, brasil!

it was great to be on the road again - as opposed to in the air.


by the time we arrived, we were driving towards the most beautiful sunset


alto paraiso is known for the crystals that are embedded in the earth in this particular area.
many communities have formed around the town because of the powerful crystal energy
the waterfalls were incredible.


we spent three days in alto paraiso... could’ve been a life time...



our bollywood movie star..


german version!


god's beauty was evident, wherever we went...


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