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2008-October-Brasil-First stop Florianopolis-p1

hi friends so – I skipped encinitas and new york...i’ll get back to them later.
both beautiful in their own way, but I’m here in brasil and everything before has dissolved into the distance... far away, in time...

we’ve been here five days... we arrived in pouring rain – real monsoon weather – and it only stopped a few hours ago!
5 days non stop rain, and I mean rain.
not drizzle.
not showers.
I’m talking noahs ark.
..but hey, this is brasil and who cares about the rain.
we’re here and loving it.
here’s how it looked from the plane!


couldn’t wait to get down...
we were kind of relieved to feel brasil under our feet...we were relieved to feel ANYTHING under our feet actually.


here’s our brazilian tour promoter, marco schultz.
marco was recommended to us by krishna das, so we knew we were in good hands.


marco has his own brand of kirtan on cd, inspired by krishna das, with added brasilian flavours.
you can hear it at www.youtube.com (type in marco schultz)
...florianopolis is a quiet little airport...it was easy to find each other...!


like I said, it felt real good to be on the ground.
that the ground was called ‘brasil’ just made it that extra bit special...


the concert in florianopolis, took place at an old and elegant cultural theatre (this is not it)...but as you can see, it is still raining.


...marco was happy to tell us it was already sold out.

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