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2008-October-San Francisco, Grace Cathedral-p3

after the concert...meeting with new and old friends...


here’s deva embracing fellow chantress, karnamrita.
karnamrita is one of our very favourite singers..check out her beautiful cd dasi.
we were sooo pleasantly surprised to see her in the audience...


this lady is blind, but it doesn’t stop her from participating in all our san francisco events...


osho friends re-connecting...


we rounded off the event with a beautiful ecstatic chant celebration the following day, in berkeley.


..where I had the great pleasure of singing with my old ashram buddy, abhinandan, who is one of the great songwriter/singers from osho’s sangha.
that’s teerth in the foreground – teerth played drums for our meditations when osho was in the body, so a double amount of bhav that day...
thanks abhi..thanks wiz!


as for the rest..well...what can I say..?!


..we said good bye to san francisco, but not before spending a few hours in the recording studio with ben leinbach, working on a new version of om asatoma.


next stop vancouver and another beautiful church...


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