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after miami, we flew on to dallas texas.
here’s deva chanting the gayatri at the very spot jfk was assassinated, back in the 60’s...


there is so much dark energy surrounding the assassination, we felt to at least attempt to enlighten the place where it happened, by chanting the gayatri there.
we felt, from the people who came to sing with us, that dallas has a kind of reputation that spirituality has been destroyed by the kennedy killing.
it certainly didn’t feel that way to us.
it was such a beautiful audience and we felt totally welcomed from the moment we stepped on stage.
..with open hearts and open voices.
another extra special evening for us...


..plus a great stage..


..and a beautiful altar in our dressing room...


here’s rodney, who was responsible for bringing us to dallas.
thanks rodney.


..and here’s manose in full celebration, as usual...


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