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2008-November-Rio de Janeiro-p1

hi friends – no surprise to tell you, after 12 years, we’ve fallen in love with brasil all over again.
– this is not difficult to do...
we have been welcomed with such love, appreciation, celebration, friendliness..
and the most obvious of any nations quality – music.
to rediscover the likes of gilberto gil, marlui miranda, carlinos brown etc..is a real treat for the heart.

the whole tour has been a great experience – we’ve loved every minute.
looking back, there are many highlights.

first, the breathtaking city of rio de janeiro.
here’s a letter I received recently from alison, our friend in australia...just to give you an example of what rio is like...

the famous statue of the christ looms over the city like a gigantic, silent, watchful presence.



the artist worked long and hard to express a face of compassion.
it is a matter of opinion as to whether he succeeded or not.


view from the top


down on the beach...


...there are two realities...


... and on the street, a different kind of art


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