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2008-December-Catchin up in South America-p3

in chile we visited deva’s cousin, andrea, who was born and raised outside santiago and who now owns and runs an organic farm there.


here’s a special pic.
if you own the ‘more than music’ cd, you will know about the ‘ah, this!’ band.
i’m talking about the photo that was taken in the ashram before deva and i knew each other – the one where she is standing next to me in the band (see below).
well, if you look closely, you’ll see i was actually holding a young child in my arms - which the magazine editor saw fit to edit, only the head of the child is visible -  and i’m standing in between two beautiful women (deva and the child’s mother, a dark haired chilean beauty).


i hadn’t seen mother or son for over 20 years, and we actually met up again, in chile!
here’s my friend, santosh and her son chetan.
he’s a bit bigger now!
(he told me he never smiles for photos! - which is a shame, because he has a beautiful smile!!)


another highlight!
this is david life and sharon gannon, founders of the jivamukti yoga centre in nyc - they flew down to spend a few days with us in sao paulo.
we talked about them coming, but to be honest, i never really expected it to happen.
but it did!
we were very happy to have the chance to be with them again


we spent some quality time together, hanging out...


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