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2008-December-Catchin up in South America-p2

funny how everyone wants to know about mantras these days...!


...not so long ago we were sharing the music with a handful of friends...now look!


we had the pleasure of chandra’s company for the concert in sao paulo.
chandra is known for his expertise on the kalimba (african thumb piano), he’s a great musician, singer, and instrumentalist.
here we are in the dressing room, warming up before the concert, along with govind who played pakhawaj.
you can find chandra’s music at www.myspace.com


one of the highlights of the whole tour for deva and i was meeting marlui miranda in sao paulo.
we have been fans of marlui ever since we first heard her album ‘todos os sons’, many years ago.
i don’t know where you can find her album now, but it is one of the most intriguing and inspiring albums i’ve ever heard, and worth the search, i promise.
she lived with indigenous people in the amazon, and recorded some of their chants for posterity.


in brasilia we were joined by our old ashram friend, arun.
arun is another jewel of a musician who brings his love of osho to his instrument


he is a great guitarist, singer and composer - find arun and his album www.myspace.com


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