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2008-December-Machu Picchu Peru-p1

hard to describe the feeling of being on machu picchu – hopefully these pix give you some idea of how it was.

according to legend, it was a woman’s retreat of some kind - a university.
this theory arises from the fact that most of the skeletons found there were female.
it was definitely some kind of planetary observatory, because many of the buildings are aligned to sunrise, moonrise, and the planets etc...

there are altars of course, and sacrificial ones probably...so...who knows the true story...
these days, like everywhere else, it’s a tourist attraction, many of the buildings having been reclaimed and rebuilt.

but still, a strong feeling remains of an incredible and mysterious civilisation, that, according to some, even the spanish invaders of previous centuries never found.
it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be there – a city in the clouds.



how they lived up there is a mystery



the stone work is truly awe inspiring



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